I frequently get asked the question 'Who did your Blog Design'? which always makes me smile as I designed it myself. I am self-taught at Photoshop and html, and love to create new designs. I've been running my design shop for a year now, and offer a variety of services. I currently offer Design Work (on the Blogger blog platform) and Branding Services for small businesses and etsy stores provided as jpeg images. I'm always open to other ideas; so to discuss any other design inquiries, or to simply book one of the below,  just send me an email to thelittlekoalacontact@gmail.com.


The full blog design package gives your blog a complete makeover, and utterly new branding. At a very competitive price, the package includes the following:

- A header with linked page buttons, tailored to suit you and your blog perfectly

- About Me/Description Section

- Blog Button with Share Code
- Widgets for bloglovin', twitter, instagram, facebook etc

- Custom Social Media Buttons

- Custom Headings for your sidebar

- A full layout change and installation of all the above

I start by asking you a list of simple questions to get a better idea of the kind of style you might like for your new design, and then begin the design process, frequently sending you samples, and making any changes you desire, so that your finished design is exactly to your taste. One full revision is included in the price.
For examples of previous examples of full blog design packages please view my Portfolio.



 Utterly new branding for your company, project or shop. You will be provided with a high resolution logo for use anywhere on the web or for use in print. Two full revisions are included in the price.

Pretty Pixie Shop Logo

Haplos Shop Logo